Specialist Pharmacy & Care Home Medications

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Our focus on quality service and patient care is reflected in our partnership with ‘Lancashire County Council’ care and nursing homes, our endorsement from ‘Lancashire Care Association’, and our position as Chair for the North West in the ‘Pharmacy Prime Advisory Board’.

To this day, we remain the only healthcare group across the country to hold all three prestigious affiliations.
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Our pharmaceutical division is run under the widely-recognised ‘Pharmalogic Chemists’ brand.  Originating in 2009, Pharmalogic has developed to become the the first medication provider to establish a specialist automated pharmacy hub dedicated to servicing care homes & patients in their own homes with complex medication regimes.
If you have patients who need support, get in touch via email hello@pharmalogic.co.uk.
Pharmalogic has extensive and unrivalled experience in providing total medication management services to 250+ care and nursing homes across the region. We have now created a dedicated hub specifically focused to provide such services, with automated dispensing and on-site customer service.
Through a decade of working with independent care homes, groups, and local authorities, Pharmalogic has developed a reputation as a market-leader servicing 50,000 patients in the North West region from as far as: Meir in the South, to Kendal in the North; Bradford in the East to Blackpool, Southport, and Liverpool, in the West. We serve smaller independent care homes to those within larger groups including 16 homes under Lancashire County Council control.
Pharmalogic is committed to providing excellent healthcare and advice — with our continued development towards all our customers’ being at the heart of all we do, we have focused our services in a more holistic way, offering a total medication management service alongside optical and audiology services, vaccinations for patients and carers, and even training on the safe handling of medication.