Mail Force and Issa Group
At Issa Group, we’ve always believed we’re ‘greater than the sum of our parts’ and that’s why during these unprecedented times we have teamed up with Daily Mail and General Trust’s Charity, Mail Force.
We are proud to make our network of manufacturers, many of which are British, available to support the Nation in its fight to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Helping the hidden heroes on the frontline in the NHS, social care, and public sector do their job safely.
But, we need your help… Click here for further information.
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About Issa Group.

Issa Group, a third generation family business, is one of the only healthcare groups within the North West to provide a completely holistic approach to your and your family’s health needs, starting from your first visit to the doctor, your trip to the pharmacy, and care for your elderly.

As a family business, we pride ourselves on pioneering the friendly and human side to business: we are unique as a mid-sized enterprise in that we are large enough to invest in innovative facilities and technologies yet small enough to not forget that at the centre of everything we do is, and should be, the patient.