Issa Web Symbol

Everything that makes Issa Group unique – our holistic and structured approach, unity, family – is embodied within our simple mark. This is our ideology and it is to this ideal that we always have and always will strive.

Who is Issa?

Though a relatively new concept, Issa Group and its inspiration came long before, with our late grandfather and pioneer, Issa Dawood Dasu Patel, a Bombay accountant who chose to make Lancashire his and his family’s home in the early 1970s. Since then, the family behind Issa Group have for several decades strived to fulfil his vision, through entrepreneurship, devotion, and our unique approach in all that we do.

It is our hope that, through Issa Group, his established legacy and this family tradition will continue to flourish. Issa Group will, nonetheless, remain a small company with big ideals.

About Issa Group.

Issa Group, a third generation family business, is one of the only healthcare groups within the North West to provide a completely holistic approach to your and your family’s health needs, starting from your first visit to the doctor, your trip to the pharmacy, and care for your elderly.

As a family business, we pride ourselves on pioneering the friendly and human side to business: we are unique as a mid-sized enterprise in that we are large enough to invest in innovative facilities and technologies yet small enough to not forget that at the centre of everything we do is, and should be, the patient.

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